Why Should You Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Filing bankruptcy yourself vs. Using a bankruptcy lawyer

Technically speaking, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is not essential – you can legally file for bankruptcy on your own, without assistance from an attorney.

However, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

While handling the claim yourself and skipping the attorney fees might seem like a good idea, going that route could end up costing you more in the long run. Here are four solid reasons why working with a bankruptcy lawyer is usually in your best interest.

Practical Advice on Your Best Path to Debt Relief

Is filing for bankruptcy your best course of action, or would taking an alternative approach – such as negotiating with your creditors or working with a credit counseling agency – be a smarter move? If bankruptcy is the only option, would it be better to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? An experienced lawyer can give you expert answers to these questions. If you choose not to hire an attorney, you could make the wrong decisions.

Professional Assistance with Bankruptcy Preparation

Preparing a bankruptcy claim properly is no easy task. You need to apply the means test, value your assets and follow the exemption rules. Plus, some debts may only be discharged if you meet certain conditions. Hire a bankruptcy lawyer, and you’ll have professional assistance with the preparation.

Expert Guidance through the Bankruptcy Process

If you’ve never filed for bankruptcy before, navigating the process without a problem can be a challenge. You may need to negotiate a reaffirmation agreement with a creditor in order to keep your car or home, for example, or you could end up having to demand creditor compliance with the automatic stay. Any number of issues could spring up during your case, and a bankruptcy lawyer will know exactly how to deal with all of them.

Peace of Mind to Move Forward with Confidence

When you leave your bankruptcy claim to an experienced attorney, you’ll have an advocate looking out for you – and this can go a long way toward easing your worries. You’ll have much less stress knowing that an expert is making sure your case is on track, and you’ll always know what to expect. For many people, the peace of mind is reason enough to hire a bankruptcy lawyer!

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