4 Reasons to Talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer ASAP

How soon to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer

In certain circumstances, talking to a bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible may be in your best interests.

If you’ve already been thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you’re probably not in the strongest financial position. So, if life deals you another bad hand, you may not have the means to meet the challenge. Below are four situations where seeing a bankruptcy lawyer immediately makes perfect sense.

No. 1: The Bank is Planning to Take Your Home

Filing for bankruptcy can immediately stop the bank from foreclosing on your home. As soon as you file, the automatic stay goes into effect and prevents lenders and creditors from taking any collection actions – and that includes foreclosure proceedings.

Keep in mind, though, that only Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to make a long-term plan to catch up on your mortgage payments. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you’ll need to get current quickly to stop the bank from taking your home.

No. 2: Your Landlord s Planning to Evict You

Are you a renter? If your landlord is about to evict you, meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer could buy you some time.

Filing for bankruptcy should stop the eviction and give you a little breathing room to consider your next step. However, if you’re being evicted for drugs or other crimes, or your landlord already has an eviction order from the court, bankruptcy won’t help you out of the situation,

No. 3: Your Car Is About to Be Repossessed

If you know your lender is planning to repossess your car soon, the automatic stay in bankruptcy can keep you on the road – at least for awhile.

If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you’ll need to catch up on your car payments soon to avoid repossession. To stay behind the wheel for good, you’ll need to file for Chapter 13 and make sure your bankruptcy lawyer includes your back payments in the repayment plan.

No. 4: You’re Facing a Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishments can devastate your budget, making it more difficult to handle your debts. If your wages are being garnished or you suspect a garnishment is coming soon, a bankruptcy lawyer can help.

The automatic stay stops most wage garnishments. And, if bankruptcy discharges the debt that led to the garnishment – which often happens – the creditor cannot garnish your wages again.

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